This blog is my passionate take on one of my biggest obsession, anime. When I was young, a lot of animes used to be on weekend morning tv (Doraemon, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Yaiba, Yu Yu Hakusho) and I used to watch them pretty religiously. However, I did not really start to dig myself deeper until the anime world until I grew a bit older and discover the works of Studio Ghibli. I was hooked on it ever since.

I have never really given much thought of starting an anime blog though since I just did not have a topic worthwhile writing about. Reviews? It’s been done millions of times better elsewhere. News? It would be a recycle from other blog anyway. Opinion? I don’t rate mine so highly that I would like to share with the world:) That is until the turn of this decade when I got around to reading quite a few best anime of the decade list around the blogs. I wonder to myself, out of all this, what are the best rated anime. So I started compiling the data and produce some analysis. At the end, there are enough materials that I have not seen been done in any other blog before and think will be pretty cool to share with other people (I hope you agree).

Anyway,I hope you enjoy the statistical exploration of anime in my blog. I hope to be posting on a somewhat regular basis (collecting data takes a lot of time so that’s the one constraint I have to posting on a more frequent interval) as there really seems to be so many things I want to explore and analyze over and above this best of the decade list I am starting off with when it comes to anime!

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