Manga Sales in Japan – Does One Piece Rule them All?

Besides watching anime, one of my other hobbies I spend quite an extensive time on is reading manga. I started doing that since primary school (with the likes of Conan and Jojo) and still keep up with quite a few series down the years. I still prefer the paperback version over reading any scanlation online personally. Recently, I came across oricon’s annual list of manga sales in Japan by series and volumes, so I just can’t help but try to put together some analysis on this to see what I might find. Maybe it will be some other cools series that I did not know before for me to get addicted on! Unfortunately, I can only find raw data that goes back to 2008 so I can’t analyze anything older. Anyway, 6 years of data is still relatively decent and I can still draw some substantial conclusion from it.

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