Best Anime Series 2010 – Seasonal viewpoint

In the comment posted by Taka on my previous post, he mentioned the inherent flaw of end-of-the-year poll/ranking that tend to disregard certain seasons more than others. This got me interested to go back to my data and find out if this is really the case. Did certain season get unfairly dismissed in 2010? Taka’s point of view is that year-end polls favour more recent shows in Fall and disregard shows in Winter which are much further back in time.

I used the ~80 anime series that are ranked, divided them into season and sum up the rank and average score (based on the methodology described in the previous post). There are only 4 series from Winter 2010-11 season that are being released in 2010 and none is listed in any of the polls/ranking unsurprisingly; so I will only concentrate on the 4 main seasons in 2010. Some comments:


Count Avg ranking Avg score STDEV score Max score Min score
Winter 2009-10 14 48 1.20% 1.84% 6.48% 0.05%
Spring 2010 19 34 1.51% 1.63% 6.58% 0.12%
Summer 2010 15 39 1.00% 0.79% 2.87% 0.17%
Fall 2010 19 34 1.28% 1.03% 3.37% 0.04%

1). Each season have relatively good representation. Winter and summer got slightly fewer samples but not by much.

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