Best Anime Series of 2010 – Definitive look from around the internet

This edition of my post will discuss the best / favourite / most highly rated anime of 2010. I have not actually seen any single series  myself (I still have a stack of pre-2010 anime dvds I have not yet gone through) so I am highly interested at what series are good and check out. I started off checking the ranking in Anime News Network and also the various blogs and posts around the internet that has ‘Best of 2010 topics’. To me it is exactly like collecting data for my first ‘Best Anime of the Decade’ post again! I have so far amassed data from 33 unique blog posts, 9 forums with over 200 unique user comments, 3 other polls and the ANN ratings. This should provide enough critical mass to judge what anime people around the internet really consider to be the best last year. I am also able to segment the results into different group of voters and have found some interesting tidbits which I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy finding  them out!

Note that I am defining a ‘2010 anime series’ as ones that have come out in Japan in the year 2010.  Anything aired prior to that will be excluded.

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