Anime Studio – Further Genre Analysis

This post will be similar to the last one (have drafted this a few months back but only got time to finish this recently…). It looks at each major genre and single out an animation studios that have excelled in each in term of animes produced of that genre. In one of the posts in Anime Yume, there was an interesting discussion about how a given anime can be categorized. From that, I intend to go with the simple category (shonen, shojo etc.), main genre (action, adventure) and sub-genre (moe, school). The genres I will talk about are:

Main: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Slice-of-life, Mystery

Sub-genre: Mecha, Real robot, Sports, School, Magical girl, Harem, Fanservice, Moe, Yuri, Music

I have already talked about demographic in the previous post so that will be left out of the discussion here.

Criteria for inclusion

– An animation studio has to produce at least 10 series to be included in the analysis. 26 studios qualify

– Average used for comparison is from all studios qualified in the analysis

– All genre categories are according to wikipedia with information from Anime News Network added when I need a second opinion

1). Absolute number – studio that tops this list shows a tendency to produce a high number of the show in absolute term

2).  Greatest percentage of total anime produced by that studio (studio produced 10, 7 of which is action, the percentage is 70%) – studio that tops this list shows tendency to favour producing shows of certain genre over other genres it can produce

Note that I will list the more interesting results at the beginning and the more ambiguous ones towards the end.


i). Gonzo – 23 (average = 6.0)

ii). Gonzo – 44% (average = 20%)

Relatively conclusive position. Notable action series are Tower of Druaga, Afro Samurai, Hellsing and Burst Angel

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