Analysis on Animation Production Studios – Series

Next thing I want to look at is the animation studios that produced these top-rated animes. The table below list the series in the top 100 as per the same methodology as my earlier post, segmented by animation studios. The ‘title rank’ column denotes the rank of the anime series as talked about in my earlier posts.

# Animation production studio Title Title rank
1 Madhouse Studios MONSTER 3
1 Madhouse Studios Paranoia Agent 11
1 Madhouse Studios Gunslinger Girl 14
1 Madhouse Studios Black Lagoon 16
1 Madhouse Studios Dennou Coil 20
1 Madhouse Studios Texhnolyze 28
1 Madhouse Studios Kaiba 32
1 Madhouse Studios Gungrave 34
1 Madhouse Studios BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad 53
1 Madhouse Studios Death Note 59
1 Madhouse Studios Shigurui: Death Frenzy 62
1 Madhouse Studios Chobits 67
1 Madhouse Studios Kaiji 68
1 Madhouse Studios Hajime no Ippo 80
1 Madhouse Studios Boogiepop Phantom 81
1 Madhouse Studios Claymore 89
1 Madhouse Studios Nana 95
1 Madhouse Studios Space Pirate Captain harlock: Endless Odyssey 98
2 BONES Fullmetal Alchemist 6
2 BONES RahXephon 26
2 BONES Eureka Seven 35
2 BONES Ouran High School Host Club 40
2 BONES Soul Eater 48
2 BONES Wolf’s Rain 61
2 BONES Darker Than Black 85
2 BONES Xam’d: Lost Memories 87
3 Gonzo Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo 13
3 Gonzo Last Exile 29
3 Gonzo Full Metal Panic! 38
3 Gonzo Saikano 65
3 Gonzo Welcome to the N.H.K. 74
3 Gonzo Seto no Hanayome 93
3 Gonzo Kaleido Star 99
3 Sunrise Planetes 21
3 Sunrise Gintama 36
3 Sunrise Banner of the Stars 37
3 Sunrise Code Geass 44
3 Sunrise My-HiME 70
3 Sunrise Gundam SEED 75
3 Sunrise Yakitate!! Japan 94
3 Production I.G Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 5
3 Production I.G Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig 42
3 Production I.G Kemono no Sou-ja Erin 43
3 Production I.G Eden of the East 57
3 Production I.G Cromatie High School 64
3 Production I.G Library War 92
3 Production I.G Seirei no Moribito 96
6 J.C. Staff Honey and Clover 8
6 J.C. Staff Azumanga Daioh 9
6 J.C. Staff Nodame Cantabile 25
6 J.C. Staff Toradora 69
6 J.C. Staff Ai Yori Aoshi 83
6 J.C. Staff Honey and Clover II 84
6 Kyoto Animation The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi 7
6 Kyoto Animation Lucky Star 18
6 Kyoto Animation Kanon 2006 39
6 Kyoto Animation Clannad -After Story- 55
6 Kyoto Animation Full metal Panic: Fumoffu! 72
6 Kyoto Animation Clannad 86
8 Hal Film Maker ARIA The Origination 22
8 Hal Film Maker ARIA The Animation 23
8 Hal Film Maker Princess Tutu 47
8 Hal Film Maker ARIA The Natural 49
8 Studio DEEN Fruits Basket 24
8 Studio DEEN Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 30
8 Studio DEEN Maria-sama ga Miteru 71
8 Studio DEEN Simoun 73
8 SHAFT Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 19
8 SHAFT Ef- Tale of Memories 41
8 SHAFT Bakemonogatari 82
8 SHAFT Pani Poni dash 91
11 Brains Base Baccano! 10
11 Brains Base Natsume Yuujinchou 27
11 Brains Base Kure-nai 66
12 Artland Mushi-Shi 2
12 Artland Bokura Ga Ita 76
12 Studio Pierrot The Twelve Kingdoms 15
12 Studio Pierrot Hikaru no Go 79
12 GAINAX Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 4
12 GAINAX Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi 97
12 Satelight Macross Frontier 54
12 Satelight Noein – To Your Other Self 56
12 Manglobe Samurai Champloo 17
12 Manglobe Ergo Proxy 51
17 Daume Ichigo Mashimaro 100
17 Xebec Love Hina 63
17 Studio Comet School Rumble 33
17 Nippon Animation Fantastic Children 60
17 IMAGIN Spice and Wolf 58
17 Studio 4C Mahou Shoujo Tai Arusu 50
17 Studio Wombat Kino’s Journey 12
17 Oriental Light and Magic Ah! My Goddess 46
17 Radix Haibane Renmei 1
17 Toei Animation Mononoke 31
17 Palm Studio Genshiken 45
17 A.C.G.T. Koi Kaze 52
17 A-1 Pictures Inc. Kannagi 77
17 Shirogumi Inc. Moyashimon 78
17 Bee Train .Hack//Sign 90
17 GALLOP Hataraki Man 88

1). Madhouse hands down produces the most good animes in 2000s, with 18 entries in the top 100 anime series list. The animes in there is also very diverse, ranging from action gangster (Gungrave), to teenage slice of life (Beck), to gambling (Kaiji) and even moe stuff Chobits). The works also have both the popular (Death Note, Chobits) and obscured (Kaiji, Kaiba)

2). Gonzo, for all its ill, does produce a few series that are rated very highly. Gankutsuou and Last Exile are the consensus top thing they have ever done while Full Metal Panic! is not a far behind third.

3). BONES seems to be the best at producing shounen, action series, with FMA, RahXephon and Xam’d in its rank. The odd one out in their 8 productions is Ouran…

4). It’s very fascinating but totally make sense to see how genre-consistent some anime production studios are. J.C. Staff definitely knows how to make a good high-school, slice of life anime! Kyoto Animation also has figured out what it’s good at with high-school hi-jinx being pretty much the only genre it is represented

5). GAINAX for all its past glories, seems to have only 2 series of any quality in the last decade (Gurren Lagann and Abenobashi; it may have a few more highly rated non-series stuff, which we will see in the next postings)

6). Only series that Studio 4C has done that got in the top 100 list is ‘Tweeny Witches’ (what a bad name!). It sure has its niche in the industry it seems. Other notables it has done are Mind Game, Tekkonkinkreet and Detroit Metal City, all shorter format. In all honesty, Mahou Shoujotai Arusu is also a 9-minute episode type so I guess it fits in with what the studio likes to do…

7). have tried to rank these studios by their average scores of the series in top 100. I only include those with 3 or more in the entries. Obviously this is a little skewed. I will probably try to impose the same combination of rank and title count like I did for individual animes and rank these studios again at some point in the future.

Rank Animation studio Average rank Count title
1 Brains Base 34.3 3
2 Hal Film Maker 35.3 4
3 Kyoto Animation 46.2 6
4 J.C. Staff 46.3 6
5 BONES 48.5 8
6 Studio DEEN 49.5 4
7 Madhouse Studios 50.6 18
8 Sunrise 53.9 7
9 Production I.G 57.0 7
10 SHAFT 58.3 4
11 Gonzo 58.7 7

One thing I would like to get around doing at some point though is to see out of how many series has each anime production studios produced that result in this many. For example if Madhouse is big enough to produce 50 yet only 18 are any good, the 40% success rate may not be better than another company that only produces 10 but 7 are hits.

Next post will probably concentrate on the anime directors.

6 Comments on “Analysis on Animation Production Studios – Series”

  1. Sorrow-kun says:

    Fantastic work. Keep it up, this is great. Some really interesting results here, and I look forward seeing your future results.

    • aquabluesweater says:

      Thank you:) Got a few more half-way written already. Will post it as soon as I can find some time to finish them off…

  2. Canne says:

    There is an even distribution of top shows among the studios regardless of how big the studios are. That is good.

    Also, none of my favorites is produced by Madhouse, despite the number of ranked shows in the list.

    • aquabluesweater says:

      That is a very interesting observation that I have not thought about. Got me thinking about 2 more analysis to do for future posts i). How what is the hit rates of each studios (out of the total animes produced in the decade, how many make it onto the list) ii). Do certain bloggers prefer animes from certain studios or certain genres based on their top X list. Thanks for the ideas:)

      Madhouse also produces none of my absolute favourites but I really like Beck and still have to see more obscure titles like Kaiba or Dennou Coil. Also MONSTER I’ve read the manga so most likely will never get around to actually watching it. Maybe when I am 70 and have long run out of any other good anime to watch!

  3. Canne says:

    Glad you like the idea and I will be looking forward to your posts.

    On an unrelated note, you really should put this blog url into your name when you comment on other sites. It helps draw people directly back to your blog, thus, increasing your blog traffic. 🙂

    • aquabluesweater says:

      Thanks for the advice on that! Really appreciate you pointing that out to me. So many things I have to keep learning in the art of blogging:)

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