Analysis on Animation Production Studios – Series

Next thing I want to look at is the animation studios that produced these top-rated animes. The table below list the series in the top 100 as per the same methodology as my earlier post, segmented by animation studios. The ‘title rank’ column denotes the rank of the anime series as talked about in my earlier posts.

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Top Anime of 2000s Breakdown by length

In this part, I want to now turn the attention to the length of the anime in the decade list. The idea is that if my friend is asking me to recommend an anime series and he only want a shorter type series, then I can direct him towards a 13-episode series list and not recommend him something like Monster which, although brillliant, may require too much time invested than he wants.

I’m going to categorize the length into

1). 13-episode series (anything around the region of 10-19 23-minute episodes – Will take you about 5 hours to finish)

2). 26-episode series (anything around  20 to 30 23-minute episodes – Will take you about 10 hours to finish)

3).  Long series (30+ episodes – Will take you a while up to finish…)

4). OAV series (typically all the OAVs, less than 200 minutes running time)

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